We are Codecra

We are a software house based in Cracow, a city known as the Silicon Valley of Europe. Codecra is a team of creative developers who are passionate about their work. We share the same dedication and professional approach to what we do every day. If you are looking for a team of professionals who will help to make your vision come true or design a solution that suits your needs, you’ve found one.

What we do


We design, build and develop fully flexible mobile apps for the major platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.


Software for your business: fast, fully responsive and tailor-made to your needs.


We will help you to harness the potential of the cloud, and we will design and deploy solutions based on the architecture that works best for you: SaaS, IaaS or PaaS.


Need professionals? We have highly qualified IT personnel who are ready to work for you at any moment

How we work


We discuss your idea together or present you with our own solutions.


We create an in-depth plan of action with a detailed description of all requirements and production stages.


We commence work on the project using our extensive experience in software development. Our expertise allows us to work productively and avoid pitfalls.


We deploy the product once it has been completed and tested. We will train you and your employees in handling the product.


New technologies keep on evolving, so we develop your projects to make sure they always feature the latest solutions.


About Us

At Codecra we believe that people and how they work together are just as important as their skills, which is why we promote a relaxed, non-corporate atmosphere in our office and frequently hold team-building meetings. Codecra is not just a group of employees: it has a genuine team spirit. If you’d like to join our close-knit team, contact us.


We employ modern technologies and use proven methods. Since your time is important to us, we prefer agile technologies (SCRUM and Agile) in project development.

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