Smart Anti-Plagiarism System

Genuino is one of the most advanced and exciting projects we have had the opportunity to work on.

It is the first smart anti-plagiarism system that is completely cheat-proof and based on in-house genetic algorithms, which enable Genuino to work similarly to the human brain and make it capable of learning and doing complex analysis,

Thanks to the Genuino Genetic Score (GSS) algorithms, the system detects any tampering attempts both on the microtextual level, such as the use of micro-spaces, whitespace characters, similar characters from other languages, synonyms or hyperonyms, and on the semantic level, which makes it capable of detecting similarities in the text content.


We have based the GSS design on the way the human nervous system works. This is why the system’s architecture resembles the human brain and allows Genuino to learn and recognise patterns.

Our task was not limited to creating the back-end and designing the system operation, but also involved designing the website layout and especially the reports generated by Genuino. The primary purpose of the system and its reports was to ensure maximum performance and reliability while providing a user-friendly interface and simplifying the thesis supervisor’s work.

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